Important note

Labcamera 3D is a fully functional, 3D-enhanced version of LabCamera. It will only work an an Intel® RealSense™ Technology enabled device!

Kinematics 3D

Kinematics module now has more precision, enhanced performance and a new dimension! Examine complex movements along all three axes and understand what you see using an interactive 3D coordinate system

New features

  • Z-axis

  • 3D rotatable, zoomable coordinate system

  • Automatic graph calibration

  • Background elimination

Graph Challenge 3D

3D enhanced Graph Challenge will calibrate your space automatically. Use Graph Challenge at classes to motivate students for better performance!

3D Gauge

A brand new module for measuring basic parameters of regular shapes. Pop your items in front of your RS camera and measure them in 3D!

Step1: Place some regular shapes in front of the camera

3D Gauge will

  • Recognize regular shapes
  • Show depth map for precise placing

Step2: Make still image

Step3: Chose measurement type

Step4: Measure

  • edges
  • surfaces
  • volumes
  • radiuses
  • sections